Sports Field Construction and Maintenance


RS Greenmaster Sports India Pvt. Ltd. Is a joint venture with RS Group Malaysia, innovators and leaders in establishment of high performance sports Turf, offering the most modern and integrated sports field construction Solutions. RS Greenmaster Sports can construct on a single source turnkey Basis entire sports fields including sub-soil drainage, rainwater re-cycling, Sand-soil based sports turf, new generation hybrid grasses, customised Irrigation systems, as well as effective post-construction maintenance Programmes.

The RS Group Malaysia, headed by Mr. R.S. Subramaniam, has to their credit World patented technology known as GATR. They have extensive experience Of over 20 years in sports field construction, having established over 300 Grounds in South East Asia, both in natural and synthetic turf, outdoors and Indoors. Specialising in football grounds, they have also renovated all the Cricket grounds in Malaysia for the Commonwealth Games. Other projects Include the World Polo tournament ground in Terranganu, East Malaysia, Rugby pitches, integrated multi-sports indoor stadia, synthetic Hockey pitches Tennis Courts, and Running Tracks and Athletic facilities, etc.

RS Greenmaster Sports India Pvt. Ltd. Is based in Bangalore and is headed By Mr. K.V.Hari, who has specialised in environmentally responsible Landscape projects, both in India and abroad, and has also in depth Knowledge of specialised machinery for sports field construction. The third Director, Mr. Basu Deshmukh has over 20 years in-depth field experience in Bio-technology solutions for Agriculture and Horticulture operations and has Innovated unique customised formulations for sports turf care including rapid Recovery solutions for cricket pitches under intensive wear and tear.

RS Greenmaster Sports has a wide range of International Standard Sports Field Construction Equipment and the ready expertise to deploy these Machines to execute projects as per client’s specifications in a time-bound Schedule.

RS Greenmaster Sports is interested in working closely with the sports Administration and industry to actively participate towards up-gradation of the Quality of the sports fields throughout the country, which will contribute Positively in encouraging our sportsmen to best express their talents.

RS Greenmaster Sports has a full fledged team to provide the following Services:
  • Conceptual Proposal and Design
  • Turnkey establishment of Sports Fields
  • Advisory and Consultancy services
  • Renovation and Maintenance