In the year 2003, as the business progressed further, the Landscape division was incorporated as a separate company in the name of Transcapes to carry forward the Landscape Design and Execution business.

Our continuous involvement in floriculture industry and export of unique trees and plants was the foundation to our softscape business. This commitment later on turned into a sincere desire and passion to be a part of the landscaping Industry by offering unique designs and balanced visionary experience to our clients.

We have a dedicated team to design and execute landscape projects with expertise on soil formation, plant selection, establishment and maintenance. Our ability to conceptualize easy to maintain aesthetic softscapes has been acclaimed by our clients.

Our exclusive clientele include prestigious architect designed houses, condominiums, hotels and more than 40 resorts outside the country. The company's success is due largely to the fact that we are able to serve our clients from the very beginning of a project through all phases of design, planning, construction and maintenance to ensure the desired values are achieved and sustained.